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Gregerson Appointed to Serve on Judicial Voices Project

Richard Gregerson was recently appointed to serve on a new project entitled "Judicial Voices Project". The goal of the project is to prepare an oral history of the South Dakota Supreme Court on its 125th Anniversary. Heading up the project is John H. Glover, Interim Associate Dean of Academics at the South Dakota School of Law. Members of the project include several professors of law at the law school: Geu, Garry and Pommersheim; the present Justices of the South Dakota Supreme Court; four retired members: Miller, Sabers, Meierhenry and Amundson; Judge Roger Wollman and Gregerson and Bob Frieberg. Justice Gilbertson recommended Mr. Gregerson and Mr. Frieberg. The members of the project are designated by three titles, Humanities Scholars, Contributors and Consultants. Mr. Frieberg and Mr. Gregerson are identified as scholars.

In the recommendation letter, Justice Gilbertson wrote: "I would also suggest Mr. Richard Gregerson of the Woods firm in Sioux Falls. He has over 50 years of experience in the practice of law in one of the largest law firms in the state. Besides and active personal practice in front of this Court he also had long term contact with the members of the firm who came before him and probably passed him information and observations they obtained maybe back in the 1930's."

February 19, 2014